• To learn about golf in a fun, safe environment.
  • To develop skills that help to improve.
  • To benefit from the history and integrity that is golf.
  • To understand that self reliance & self motivation create success.
  • To enjoy the company and competition with others.
  • To learn respect for the game and their fellow golfers.
  • To learn the rules and etiquette of golf which makes golf a better experience.
  • To understand that learning and practice expedites improvement.


Mark Gibson (Director of Instruction) 0417722176 or mark@markgibson.com.au

Loic Truet (Senior Teaching Professional) 0409607844 or loic@markgibson.com.au

Nancy Harvey (Teaching Professional) 0466588243 or nancy@markgibson.com.au

Neil Wall (Teaching Professional) 0447640390 or neil@markgibson.com.au


All coaches are fully accredited and qualified to coach all levels of players.

All coaches hold a current Blue Card (Working with Children Positive Notice).



In the case of any complaint or concern there is an independent contact person who will ensure that child safety and protection is appropriately handled.  Contact is David Hogben 0402302254 or david_hogben@racv.com.au



  • Private tuition is available.
  • Tuition groups are designed to offer best opportunities of learning, development and enjoyment.
  • Tuition groups are designed with a view to constant improvement and a pathway into competitive golf if the junior golfer so desires.
  • Experience is offered wherever appropriate and possible due to the flexible nature of the facilities requirements.



  • COACHES             Are responsible  to ensure child safety and an enjoyable    

                                    learning experience.

  • JUNIOR GOLFERS Are responsible to follow the coaches instructions and show      

                                   respect to the coaches and other participants.


  • PARENTS Are responsible to respect the coach, and allow them to

            coach and support the junior golfers ambition in the game.